As a career thief in 19th century Egypt, you’ve stolen things from ancient tombs for years. Unfortunately today you’ve stolen from the temples of the wrong gods. In their wrath, they cast you into an ever-changing dream realm. The ground shifts under your feet and the skies change color as you walk. You have nothing to assist you but the random assortment of junk in your pack and your wits. The only way to lift the curse is to return the stolen items to the temples. However, three other thieves have also been cursed, and have the same goal as you. Only one can be freed from this dream world.

Curse Reverse is an improvisational storytelling board game for 4 players. As you play, your surroundings will change, ghostly figures will appear then vanish into the mists, and friendly faces will become deadly foes.


Time: 60 - 90 minutes

Players: 4

Ages: 12+



During the game, you may land on special spaces, forcing you to draw from the Events deck. This deck is split between world events that may cause the board, the temples or even players to shift, and trials, which the gods use to test your worthiness. In an instant, you may find yourself locked in a cell, surrounded by mummies, or even attacked by giant vultures. To survive, you must invent a story of how you overcame these trials using only the junk in your pack and your character's quirks. How you escape each of these dangerous trials is up to you!





As you progress, you will be forced to decide how many items are worth carrying. The more you carry, the more resources you will have to assist you during trials, as well as providing attack and defense strength for your encounters with other thieves. However, more items means a heavier pack, and less movement per turn.

Please note: Curse Reverse is still in the prototype phase. All visual design is a work in progress and is not representative of the visual fidelity goals for the end product.