(Hangar 13 Games)

Mafia III is a AAA open-world crime drama set in a fictionalized New Orleans in 1968. The game centers around Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam veteran and member of the black mob. Lincoln is betrayed and his family murdered by the Italian mob, upon which Lincoln swears revenge.

I was a part of the World Design team, responsible for creating, implementing and polishing all combat that occurs in the open world. If you're tasked with eliminating an enemy VIP in a ramshackle backyard, or bust up a drug ring inside a warehouse, chances are you've seen some of my work. This sort of combat design came with its own unique challenges, since it needed to exist in an organic outdoor space, the player might try to approach a space from many different angles.

Part of the responsibility also included ensuring that while small, each space told a very specific and discrete story that pushed the unique narrative of that district; from body disposal to rum-running, each backyard combat space had a lot to accomplish in a very small space and with very short play-time per encounter. 

In addition to this, I was part of a small team responsible with designing and implementing all interior shop spaces throughout the game. These spaces needed to be small "treasure chest" locations a player could get some extra spending money or weapons, but also needed to feel realistic as a shop space NPC's would inhabit and navigate properly.