Award winning game designer with over a decade of experience seeking to further my craft and to contribute my skill sets and design capabilities to creative game development projects and teams.



Blizzard entertainment - irvine, California                                                                                2017 - Present

Senior Designer - Diablo Team


Hangar 13 Games - Novato, California                                                                                          2014 - 2017

World Designer - Mafia 3 (2016)

•         Responsible for implementing open world combat level design throughout the game world including uniquely themed background activities, set dressing w/ small props, animations etc. as well as combat quality

•         Owned a full district of the game (Southdowns), taking it from greybox to completion including building and road placement with an eye towards future open world combat encounters.

•         Owned the shops feature, working with art and programming to achieve completion of design.

•         Designed, implemented and polished several mission spaces in the “Stones Unturned” DLC story pack.


Telltale Games - San Rafael, California                                                                                              2011 - 2014

Game Designer - The Walking Dead Season 2 (2014)

•         Design lead of Episode 5: No Going Back.

•         Responsible for working with the Writer and Director to provide a compelling, satisfying finale episode to Season Two.

•         Designed, documented and assisted execution of all interactions throughout the episode with an emphasis on satisfying player agency.

•         Ensured player / avatar motivation parity.


Lead Game Designer & Co-Creator - Tales from the Borderlands (2013-2014)

•         Established the project pillars, vision, season story, characters and arcs for an entirely new IP.

•         Led the design of the first episode in order to establish the template for the remaining episodes of the season.

•         Worked closely with concept team to create the visual design of the main cast.

•         Created season character arcs, personality and psychological profiles for the main cast.

•         Worked closely with the license-holder (Gearbox Software) to ensure cohesion with the established Borderlands universe and vision.

•         Acted as the creative team representative / liaison to the executive staff, pitching design and story arcs for the project.

•         Designed and prototyped completely new interactive mechanics unique to the IP and Telltale.

•         Responsible for effective communication, on boarding and scheduling throughout the creative team, including outlining revisions based on executive feedback.


Game Designer - The Walking Dead: 400 Days (2012-2013)

•         Worked with a small team including the Director and 5 writers to create unique DLC for The Walking Dead Season 1.

•         Responsible for keeping the five short-form stories mechanically cohesive.

•         Prototyped, coded and implemented completely new mechanics.


Game Designer - The Walking Dead Season 1 (2011-2012)

•         Design lead of Episode 3: Long Road Ahead.

•         Worked with the Writer and Director to create the episode story based on the source material (The Walking Dead graphic novel by Robert Kirkman).

•         Responsible for creating a compelling, well paced narrative player experience.

•         Designed, documented and assisted execution of all interactions throughout the episode.

•         Ensured player / avatar motivation parity.


Thrust Interactive - Atlanta, Georgia                                                                                         March - June 2011

Creative Team Lead                                                                                                                                                

In addition to the Game Designer responsibilities below.

•         Leadership position managing a team of 4-5 artists and designers across various projects.

•         Ensure adherence to both company quality standards as well as multiple projects unique requirements.

•         Set schedules, milestones and deliverable dates for creative elements and continue to support and direct team members during the development process.


Thrust Interactive - Atlanta, Georgia                                                                                                     2008 - 2011

Game Designer                                                                                                                                                        

•         Write and maintain revisions to all design documents ensuring documents including customer requirements, concept flowcharts, game mechanics and project scope.

•         Design and create game content including mini-games, map layouts, levels, quest trees, dialogue and game play statistics.

•         Serve as the project liaison to define requirements from clients and to translate them into technical specifications for the dev teams.

•         Proactively serve in a per-project Producer role. Communicate client requirements, meetings and deliverable dates. Manage development team, remove blockers and prioritize features.


References available upon request



Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premiere, etc.)

Version Control (Perforce, etc.)


Bug Tracking (Bugzilla, Jira, TestTrack, etc.)


3d Studio Max

Visual Scripting / Blueprint



Savannah College of Art & Design • BA in Interactive Design & Game Development Cum Laude   

Best Board Game Award Recipient • Entelechy Competition • GDX 2007

Southern Interactive Entertainment & Game Expo (SIEGE) 2009 - 2011

Director of Exhibitor Services.

Subject matter expert and presenter for sessions regarding game design and techniques used to increase the emotional investment of the player.

Experienced public speaker / INTERVIEWEE (GDC / PAX / Gen Con / SXSW / E3)