The Walking Dead Season Two

(Telltale Games)

The Walking Dead: Season Two is an episodic graphic adventure based on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book series. It is the sequel to The Walking Dead: The Game, with the episodes released between December 2013 and August 2014. The game focuses on Clementine, the young girl saved by the protagonist of Season One: Lee Everett.

I was tasked with designing the finale episode of the second season, No Going Back. Having spent a great deal of time away from the license, it was both exciting and challenging to return and deliver a compelling and satisfying end to the season story.

Creating the ending to a story when you haven’t been on the team from the beginning is always a difficult proposition, but I was very lucky to get to work with extremely talented writers and directors such as Sean Ainsworth, Pierre Shorette and Nick Breckon. They had a strong handle on what Clementine’s story was progressing towards, and a strong vision for delivering on it.

Knowing this was the final time you would share experiences with most of the other characters, it was important to me that that the interactions in this episode focused mainly on moments with them, instead of dealing with an outside threat.

I’m extremely pleased with how this episode came together to tie a lot of long-running narrative threads together in a way that involved the player so directly.